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    Hate and targeted violence against Christians in India 2018

    Click to access the full report Targeted violence and hate crimes against the Christian community in India continued unabated in 2018. The Religious Liberty Commission (RLC) of the Evangelical Fellowship of India has recorded 325 incidents where Christians have been targeted using violence, intimidation or harassment. More than the numbers, what is disturbing is the sudden

    Persecution Watch, January 2018

    On 1 January in Mohanpur, Jehanabad district of Bihar, a Christian prayer meeting was stopped by a mob led by Hindu fundamentalists, who entered the house where Pastor Ranjit Kumar was leading the meeting. About 70 Christians were attending the prayer meeting. The Hindu fundamentalists threatened the pastor and the Christians warning them to stop

    Persecution Watch, November 2017

    On 1 November in Mura village of Kurud Tehsil, Dhamtari district, Chattisgarh, five Christian families were socially boycotted by the village council. The five Christian families had been earlier threatened by the villagers to stop participating in Christian activities and renounce their Christian beliefs. Since the Christian families did not pay heed to their warnings,

    Persecution Watch, 13-31 October, 2017

    On 13 October in Sakti Tehsil, Janjgir-Champa district, Chhattisgarh, Pastor Khel Prasad Kurrey of Believers Church was attacked by two men. Kurrey was on his way to visit a Church member when these men with faces covered attempted to stop him. While he continued to drive, these men chased him forcing him to halt. They

    Persecution Watch, 1-12 October, 2017

    On 4 October in Panchasheel Colony of Durg district, Chhattisgarh, the India Full Gospel Mission (IFGM) Church was attempted to be demolished by a man identified only as Srivastava who led a crowd along with local Municipality officials in spite of the Church having a judgment in their favour. Pastor Vinod Achari had to rush

    5 incidents against Christians reported on Palm Sunday

    On 9 April in village Sitabedi, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, RSS members accompanied by police personnel disrupted worship service and arrested the pastors and their wives and other Christians, and took them to the local police station at Piplod. The Pastors who were arrested were: Pastor Amar Singh Solanki, Pastor Kishore Barela, and Pastor Prabhakar Solanki.