• EFAC (Evangelical Financial Accountability Council)
    EFAC is an initiative of Evangelical Fellowship of India, to establish an accountability council in order to create a body to give a transparent approach to the ministries as well as the donors.

    NCUT (EFI National Center for Urban Transformation)
    NCUT caters to the pressing need of responding to the urban realities in India by preparing urban leadership to respond to the existing and emerging urban challenges and opportunities to pave way for holistic transformation of Indian cities.

    EFICAR (EFI Children @ Risk)
    EFI Children @ Risk, aimsto mobilise and sensitise the church to address issues of the negligence, exploitation and discrimination against poor, dalitand tribal children and other children at risk in India.

    ETANI (The Evangelical Trust Association of North India)
    ETANI was formed as an arm of EFI during the 16th Conference of EFI held at Hyderabad in January 1966. the object was to affect the transfer of properties held by foreign missions in North and Central India to an Indian property holding Trust.

    CEEFI (The Christian Education department of the Evangelical Fellowship of India)
    CEEFI was established in the year 1962 with the aim of helping churches to disciple their members with good curriculum for all ages – children, youth and adults.


    EFI MED (The Evangelical Fellowship of India–Micro-Enterprises Development)
    EFI-MED is a project for Development, Research and Training that equips churches with economic development strategies that holistically empower the poor and powerless communities.

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