• Evangelical Financial Accountability Council (EFAC)

    Evangelical Financial Accountability Council (EFAC) is an initiative of Evangelical Fellowship of India, to establish an accountability council in order to create a body to give a transparent approach to the ministries as well as the donors.

    Evangelical Financial Accountability Council (EFAC), aims to be a facilitating body in terms of helping organizations to maintain as well as be accountable towards the funds they utilize in the ministry.

    The approval of this council would be a certification of an updated and fair accounting and accountability system of the organization. This will even give the donor a confidence that the funds are properly utilized.

    The council is based on seven principles which are biblically grounded to serve as a guideline for this council. The council also comprise of qualified people in relevant fields including chartered accountants, lawyers, organizational CEOs and management consultants. Thus the council will be technically equipped to give a unbiased and required picture of the organization.

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