• EFI National Center for Urban Transformation

    NCUT caters to the pressing need of responding to the urban realities in India by preparing urban leadership to respond to the existing and emerging urban challenges and opportunities to pave way for holistic transformation of Indian cities.

    NCUT aims at training and mobilizing urban leaders from across India and so it is essential that we understand the rapid urbanization that is affecting India. Even though urbanization isn’t new, what isnew is the degree and the speed with which the world, especially India, is turning urban. Today, about one third of India’s population is living in urban centres, amounting to about 300 million people, which makes India possibly the largest urbanized nation in the world. If this present trend continues, then, within two decades, more than half of India may be found in its cities. This is one of the most dramatic demographic shifts taking place in India that would have tremendous implications for the mission of the Church. This being a relatively recent phenomenon; it demands careful attention of and strategic response from the Church. 

    More and more strategic opportunities are brought to the doorsteps of the urban Church in India to be the agent of holistic transformation of the cities. While the cities are changing drastically, there is tremendous need for the Indian Church and mission organizations to become increasingly sensitive to this reality. Hence, there is an urgent need to inform, educate, equip and mobilize the Church and mission societies so as to prepare them to respond appropriately to the urban realities in India and be the instruments of transformation. India claims to have over 350 million people living in 53 cities with million plus population; yet in reality, there is no such national initiative that is at present addressing the above concerns and needs.

    Our Vision

    God being our help, our vision is to ensure that the urban Christian leadership is adequately informed, effectively equipped and strategically mobilized to bring about holistic Christian transformation of the cities of India.

    Our Mission

    The mission of NCUT is to be a catalytic instrument for holistic urban transformation of the Indian cities by providing strategic initiatives that would prepare the urban Christian leadership to respond to the existing and emerging urban challenges and opportunities.

    National Centre for Urban Transformation is established in 2015 as an initiative of Urban Commission of Evangelical Fellowship of India and has emerged as one of the most strategic and urgently needed ministries that is solely and fully devoted to helping the urban church in India. NCUT is directly accountable to EFI Executive Committee and we regularly report to the EFI General Secretary. All of our funds are received, processed and disbursed by the EFI office and regular financial reports are submitted to EFI office for the annual auditing by the government approved auditor.

    At the moment NCUT is managed by a full time Director and four full time staff and is operating from the rented facilities in Bangalore, India.

    Contact Dr. Atul Aghamkar, National Director NCUT for more information at atul.aghamkar@efionline.org

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