• Evangelical Trust Association of North India

    The Evangelical Trust Association of North India (ETANI) was formed as an arm of EFI during the 16th Conference of EFI held at Hyderabad in January 1966. the object was to affect the transfer of properties held by foreign missions in North and Central India to an Indian property holding Trust. Therefore ETANI became the holding Trustee of the properties in North and Central India. In addition many churches, Organisations and Seminaries have also entrusted their properties to be held in trust with ETANI.

    This organization was established under the Companies Act, 1956 and licensed under Sec. 25 Thereof with the following objectives:

    i. to diffuse social, religious, secular and scientific knowledge and to perform works of charity — social, moral and spiritual.
    ii. to accept properties to be held by the Association either for general purpose of the Association or on Special Trust either as original or new trustees.
    iii. to grant permission that the Trust may be used as Agents and /or Attornies and/ or Trustees, Executors, Custodians, Administrators, Managers or nominees for any person, local church or congregation, Company, Corporation, Association, for local or other body politic or corporate and to undertake, perform and discharge duties of any trust and any office of confidence.

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