• Religious Liberty Commission


    The Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) initiated Religious Liberty Commission (RLC) in the year 1998. EFI is the national representative voice for the Evangelical Church in India representing more than 45000 Churches across India.

    RLC Vision Statement

    Fundamental freedoms, justice and dignity for all.

    RLC Mission statement

    Objectives of the RLC

    • To reclaim and consolidate freedom of worship, practice and Witness –
      – In Relation to constitutional and fundamental rights.
      – In relation to the State’s law and order machinery.
      – In relation to the culture and opinion shapers.
      – In relation to other communities and agencies promoting common causes.
    • Building awareness within the Christian community and the society at large
    • Developing and promoting local, regional and national level Protocols for inter-communal reconciliation and peace.
    • Developing Advisory Protocol on appropriate methods and responsible action in mission and evangelism.

    The Religious Liberty Commission is established in accordance with biblical principles to facilitate reconciliation, to promote religious liberty and fundamental freedoms, and to seek justice for those who are abused and oppressed.

    Past Achievements of the RLC

    • Assisted the Wadhwa Commission in the investigation of the Graham, Philip and Timothy Staines Murder.
    • Releasing a list of Atrocities against Christians every year since 1999
    • Timely intervened for many persecution victims since 1998
    • Engaged in higher advocacy nationally and internationally to represent religious freedom concerns to the global community
    • Engaged in judicial activism with successful interventions in many places in India including Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh
    • Sensitized for prayer mobilization on a regular basis
    • Helped in the formation of the Christian Legal Association

    Core functional areas of RLC and Future Plans

    Research and Publication

    The RLC engages in research to draw out trend affecting religious freedom issues in the country. The RLC regularly prepares backgrounders and other published material to serve the church and activist community globally.


    Through the EFI News the RLC has carved a niche for itself as a credible voice for religious freedom issues.

    Legal Intervention

    The RLC has successfully intervened in the past and would continue to pursue judicial activism. In addition to that the RLC has strong partnerships with organizations committed to legal activism.


    The RLC carries out Legal Seminars and other trainings on human rights and religious freedom. We intend to strengthen this and reach all states of India with legal training focussing on Religious Freedom. If you have training needs in this area please let us know.

    Representation – International and national

    Keeping the community at large aware is an important objective for RLC. International advocacy has been carried out successfully by the RLC since its inception both nationally and internationally.

    Practical intervention

    The RLC has assisted victims of persecution in the past through legal, medical and practical help and through the volunteers in the field and in partnership with other organizations. We have groups regionally who can intervene in a fast and decisive manner to adequately assist the victim of persecution, whenever an incident happens.


    RLC has a prayer network by the name of Sparsh, which will be further strengthened. Soon a prayer calendar will be made available through the web / email and in physical copies.

    For more information please contact: mail@efirlc.org

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