• Evangelical Fellowship of India

    Evangelical Fellowship of India, founded in 1951, is the national alliance of evangelical Christians. As a central network of evangelicals and a service organization, it is the custodian of Evangelical faith, movement and values in India, representing the Evangelical voice, articulating Biblical values, building capacity, advocating for the poor and marginalized and promoting participation in nation building.

    EFI is a charter member of the World Evangelical Alliance. Its membership includes over 54 protestant denominations and related congregations (over 65,000 Churches), over 150 Church related mission agencies and organizations and thousands of individual members. It is the most inclusive fellowship with membership from most Protestant denominations and organizations of India.

    Some Milestones

    1951 EFI was formed

    1953 Union Biblical Seminary at Yavatmal was constituted

    1962 The Christian Education Department (CEEFI) was formed

    1962 The Evangelical Theological Commission was launched

    1965 The Indian Evangelical Mission was formed

    1968 Evangelical Trust Association of North India was formed

    1968 Introduction of Festival of Peace now known as Together

    1969 The first National Prayer Assembly

    1970 The All India Congress on Evangelism

    1970 EFI monthly magazine – AIM was launched

    1970 EFI Committee on Relief – EFICOR was formed

    1972 Evangelical Trust Association of South India was formed

    1977 The Second All India Congress on Missions and Evangelization

    1977 The India Missions Association was formed

    1988 The Third All India Congress on Missions and Evangelism

    1998 Religious Liberty Commission was formed

    1999 The Fourth All India Congress on Church in Missions (AICOCIM)

    2000 EFI Commission for Dialogue and Unity was launched

    2003 Formation of Christian Legal Association

    2006 Evangelical Financial Accountability Council was launched

    2006 EFIC@R – EFI Children at Risk was formed

    2009 The Fifth All India Congress on Church in Missions (AICOCIM)

    2014 EFI Commission on Freedom and Development was formed

    Our Focus Areas 

    Strategic Initiatives

    From its inception EFI has been at the forefront of launching strategic and timely initiatives. We initiate and strengthen campaigns, movements, networks, commissions and organizations to address specific issues facing the community and the nation. 

    Capacity Building

    EFI builds capacity through training programs, workshops, consultations and social development projects. We facilitate research so that our constituency is supported by strategic information and statistics.

    Forging Solidarity

    EFI brings people together. Uniting people towards a common purpose is our passion. Bringing people together for shared reflection and action is what excites us. In this we engage with Churches, organizations, individuals as well as the nation at large.

    EFI has continued to grow in recent years. Some of our newer areas of work now include advocacy (Christian Legal Association-CLA) and the Evangelical Financial Accountability Council (EFAC). Find out how these areas can assist in your endeavor to serve Christ and the nation. Finally, pray for us and support us through your involvement and contributions.

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