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    And Archie marries Veronica

    by Vikas Singh Ok, this one is completely trivial. If any readers are looking for insightful analysis on some weighty issue, they can safely skip it. And no, I’m not writing it because I have to meet some quota. I\’m writing it as someone who\’s been a lifelong Archie comics fan and practically thinks of

    Nepal to probe into Church attack which killed 2 Indians

    Kathmandu, (PTI): Nepal’s premier-elect Madhav Kumar Nepal on Sunday promised a probe into the blast in a church here which killed two Indians, a teenage girl and a women, in a first such incident targeting a Christian shrine. A day after he was elected Nepal’s prime minister, Nepal visited the Catholic Assumption Church located at Dhovighat,

    2009 Lok Sabha election: Final results tally

    New Delhi, May 17 (IANS): The Election Commission Sunday announced results for all the 543 elected seats of the Lok Sabha, giving the United Progressive Alliance 262 seats, 10 short of the halfway mark. The last pending result of Chandauli constituency of Uttar Pradesh was released in the evening. It went to the Samajwadi Party,

    Poor Cousins to Paradigm Busters

    Ritika Chopra IT IS their best ever — a pass percentage of over 87 per cent. The government schools in the Capital have come a long in the last fiveyears.With innovatively designed classrooms and well-trained teachers, they are now giving tough competition to public schools in Delhi in terms of performance. “The model schools of

    A Colourful Day

    By Mahruaii Sailo It was one of those days when you laugh hysterically on so many things. My dress, the rickshaw wallah, my friend, her cranky cold and mood and Hindi. I went to the National Convention which gathered to discuss a topic, “Countering Fascists and Defending the idea of India”, (sound interesting, na). Yes,

    No Hate Politics (This Is India)

    Vinod Mehta The pseudo-secularists have won. And won stunningly. The small print in the triumph (“victory” is too soft a description) is breathtaking. Savour. For the first time, a Congress prime minister, who is not a member of the Gandhi family, will enjoy two successive terms; and for the first time since 1977, a Congress