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    Waiting For Rain

    Sometime ago, the authorities claimed that a delayed monsoon didn’t necessarily mean a bad monsoon. Then came the announcement of a “below normal”  monsoon, glum news especially for the granaries of the north-west. As if on cue it began raining in western Gujarat, prompting the meteorological department to hail the monsoon’s arrival on the west

    1,184 killed in police custody in India since 2001, says report

    NEW DELHI: As many as 1,184 people were killed in police custody in India in the last eight years with Maharashtra topping the chart with 192  deaths, a report said on Thursday.  The report — Torture in India 2009 — by the Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) released in New Delhi on Thursday stated that

    General Motors to file for bankruptcy today: report

    General Motors will declare bankruptcy on Monday, marking the end of an era of American manufacturing dominance as what was once the world\’s largest corporation collapses under the weight of its mistakes and debts. Senior US officials detailed on Sunday what they hope will be a swift process in which GM should be able to

    First session of 15th Lok Sabha begins today

    The first session of the 15th Lok Sabha begins on Monday as a resurgent Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) was set to start a new innings and a humbled Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said it would play the role of a “constructive opposition.” The session will begin with the formal swearing in of the 543

    And Archie marries Veronica

    by Vikas Singh Ok, this one is completely trivial. If any readers are looking for insightful analysis on some weighty issue, they can safely skip it. And no, I’m not writing it because I have to meet some quota. I\’m writing it as someone who\’s been a lifelong Archie comics fan and practically thinks of

    Nepal to probe into Church attack which killed 2 Indians

    Kathmandu, (PTI): Nepal’s premier-elect Madhav Kumar Nepal on Sunday promised a probe into the blast in a church here which killed two Indians, a teenage girl and a women, in a first such incident targeting a Christian shrine. A day after he was elected Nepal’s prime minister, Nepal visited the Catholic Assumption Church located at Dhovighat,