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    Greetings from Evangelical Fellowship of India,

    As India struggles with a massive and severe second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the loss of lives is mounting up. Till now, the nation has lost over 2,46,000 people to this virus and these are just the official numbers. India has now confirmed Covid-19 cases of 2,14,00,000 plus and counting as of 10th May 2021. The daily confirmed cases are the highest in the world with nearly 4,00,000 cases being reported every day for the last two weeks.

    Hospitals are overburdened and medical personnel are finding it hard to cope up not only because of the sudden and massive increase in the number of cases, but also especially in the light of lack of medical supplies particularly oxygen. Many patients have died because of lack of oxygen at the right time.

    The poor, migrants, homeless and the marginalized have again been the hardest hit by the various lockdowns in different parts of the country. They have lost their jobs and their hope. Many have nothing to eat.

    Crematoriums and graveyards are packed as people line up the bodies of their loved ones for the last rites. Parks are being converted into crematoriums to deal with this new reality.

    The Church too has suffered losses and many Bishops, Pastors and leaders have been lost to Covid-19. It is estimated that over 400 pastors and Church leaders have succumbed to Covid-19. Churches have been unable to meet for weeks now, a pattern we also saw last year, and has resulted in economic hardships for pastors and evangelists who are dependent on the offerings of the congregations. It is a desperate situation.

    The time is to pray earnestly and to extend relief and hope to a nation that is struggling. We believe that as Children of God, Christians have been called by Him to pray for the world at this time and to act in generous ways so that the poor, needy and marginalized would be cared for.

    Through this letter, we are appealing to you to help strengthen our hands as we seek to reach out to needy people both in the family of God and to those who are outside.

    Last year, with the help of friends and supporters like you, we were able to reach out with emergency supplies and direct cash transfers to over 32000 beneficiaries through our network of thousands of Churches across the nation. Our ration kits contained food supplies that can last a family for at least 3 weeks. These supplies cost us around 2500 Indian Rupees (35 USD approx.)

    Plan for relief in the second wave

    With your help, we plan to provide food relief to at least 3000 families (15000 beneficiaries approximately) to help them weather this difficult time. Many of these families have been identified and many are still being added to our list.

    We are also hopeful of providing a grant of 55,000 (764 USD) to around 100 families that have lost their primary breadwinner. This grant can be used to start a small business so that they can sustain themselves.

    The total budget for the first phase of relief is as below:

    ParticularAmount INRAmount USD
    Food Relief to 3000 Families @ 2500 INR (35 $ per packet)7500000104167
    Income Generation Grant for 100 families @ 55000 INR (764 $)550000076389

    We request you to please consider this appeal prayerfully and help as God enables you. A detailed report will be submitted with proper documentation and regular updates would be given on our website and through emails.

    Please donate generously using the following details:

    Contributions from within India only

    Account Name: Evangelical Fellowship of India

    Account Number: 909844182

    Bank: Indian Bank Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019

    IFSC: IDIB000N044

    For Indian Donors: Please mention covid relief in your transaction. Please also send us your PAN Card details, your email address, phone number, as well as a screenshot of your transaction (if possible) at this email: donate@efionline.org 

    For Contributions from outside India please contact us at donate@efionline.org

    We look forward to your support in this endeavor.


    Rev. Vijayesh Lal

    General Secretary

    Evangelical Fellowship of India

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