• Lent Devotional – Day 13



    Even as we focus these days on gifts, talents and skills, it’s refreshing to note that God’s Word is full of examples of people who made themselves available for God’s purposes to be fulfilled in and through their lives.

    Consider Moses’ excuses when God called him to be Israel’s deliverer in Exodus 3 & 4. They can be neatly summed up as follows:

    “Who am I?”

    “Who are you?”

    “Prove it”

    “I can’t speak”

    “Send someone else”

    Ultimately, Moses relented because the Lord considered his availability and not any great ability.

    At an auction of musical instruments, several guitars, pianos, drums, saxophones, flutes and other instruments were displayed on the stage. The auctioneer called bids for each one of them and they fetched handsome prices.

    Finally, an old-looking, dusty violin was left alone on the stage. It looked past its prime. When the auctioneer called bids for it, no one responded.

    Just when it seemed that the violin would remain unsold, an elderly gent stepped up on stage, dusted the violin of all its cobwebs, picked up the bow and produced the most soulful music.

    When he placed the violin back in its place, the auctioneer called out afresh for bids. Hands and cries shot up all over the room. Eventually, that violin fetched the highest price at the auction.

    If we make ourselves available, the maestro’s touch will work a miracle in and through us.

    PS. Alex Abraham

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