• Lent Devotional – Day 12


    Unaltered Heart Vs. Altered Heart!

    for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7)

    We live in a world that often values skillful, gifted, talented and above average folks. Every leader wants to hire such people so that they would not run into the risk of being unsuccessful in their ventures. Now, this reality is not far from the Christian world. Today, in ministries many recruiters often seek to recruit an above-average person. Assuming that such personalities will take ministries to new heights. However, if this assumption was true, we wouldn’t have witnessed the fall of great personalities. Now the question is whether it is the fault of their competence or this has to do with the unaltered heart.

    Jesus had chosen the twelve unqualified or semi-qualified followers to lead His eternal movement. They were not easy people to deal with. Most of the times they were un-teachable, competitive, driven and power-seeking. It is safe to say they had hardened hearts and thick heads. It was upside-down thinking on Jesus’ part to take them along. Yet, he decided to invest in them for three and a half years. During this period Jesus mainly emphasized the formation of their character and heart.

    The disciples were experienced businessmen who already had the skills to run a successful fishing enterprise on the sore of Galilee when Jesus called them. More significantly they had a much deeper need, and that is where Jesus concentrated His energy. They had hearts filled with a passion for power, success and control, hearts that needed to be transformed by Christ’s power hardness to brokenness. Jesus worked on the formation of their hearts. He knew the rest would take care of itself, but not the heart. Their heart had to be cultivated, broken and altered if the heads and the hands are to reach their true potential. Jesus accomplished what he wanted. He not only transformed his disciples but also empowered them to carry His eternal movement.

    The only way you and I can reach the heights Jesus has for us is to begin the same process of transformation that Jesus took the disciples through. Not all who start will be willing to finish, but those who do will experience Christ’s power to achieve His supernatural Purposes.

    Let’s ask the Lord to alter our heart so that we can live for Him more meaningfully and continue to bring glory and honor to His name. Amen!

    Rev. Ashish Hirday

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