• A tribute for Mr. Patrick Joshua


    17th June 2020

    Mr. Patrick Joshua, former General Secretary of Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB) went to be with the Lord on June 17, 2020, in Chennai.  Mr. Joshua joined FMBP almost from its inception and started serving in various capacities until he was appointed as General Secretary. With his rich experience and expertise, he was able to steer FMPB to new heights and was instrumental in making FMPB as one of the most effective and successful indigenous missionary organizations with the highest number of missionaries serving in the remotest parts of India.  With his ability to handle FMBP’s administration effectively, he managed to open many new mission fields and successfully navigated emerging people movements among numerous people groups, like the Maltos and Santhals etc.

    He is fondly remembered as a man of deep faith and commitment to the Christian missions.  But beyond that, he was a man of deep prayer. He continued to serve the Lord through the National Prayer Network after his retirement from FMPB and devoted himself to raising prayer warriors around the country by personally visiting and conducting prayer summits, encouraging, motivating and monitoring prayer movement across the nation.  The impact of this was felt both within the Christian circles as well as in the nation. Despite his success and the widespread impact of prayer movement, he remained a humble man, stooping down to the lowest level to plead people to commit themselves to prayer.

    Mr. Joshua will be remembered for his deep commitment to the indigenous mission, efficiency in administration, and sacrificial ministry at every level. His humility, passion for mission, and simple lifestyle were contagious.  He not only promoted mission through his ministry but personified mission in his own life.  A true man of God who fought the good fight and finished the race for the glory of God. His investment in the indigenous mission movement will ever be remembered as he has left a great and rich legacy behind.  He was a true Christian mission spokesperson who lived a model Christian life that demonstrated a deep sense of mission commitment. The mission scenario in India has lost a great mission visionary, warrior, and a missionary exemplary model.  

    Rev. Vijayesh Lal

    General Secretary

    Please download the tribute in PDF here

    Image Courtesy: Onassis Jeevaraj

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