• Persecution Watch June 30, 2014

    Christians beaten up, 10 hospitalized in Chhattisgarh

    On 16 June, a mob of Hindu extremists brutally beat up Christians and 10 believers including two women who were later rushed to the hospital in Sirisguda, Bastar town, Jagdalpur.

    According to our correspondent, Rev Akhilesh Edgar, about 100 Christians who were denied rations for two months for their faith in Christ were beaten up by a mob instigated by the Hindu extremists’ group.

    At about 1 p.m, Christians from 52 families came together before the district Food Inspector office when the Hindu extremists rushed in and started to beat the Christians indiscriminately.

    “The mob beat up the Christians with sticks, kicked and punched them and hurled stones at those who were trying to escape from the scene.” area Church leader Rev. Bhupendra Khora told EFI News.

    Two women identified only as Arti (40) and Kari (45) were pulled to the ground while the perpetrators stood on them and hit their genital organs.

    Aitu Mandavi sustained serious injuries on his head, stomach, chest and hand and was admitted in the district hospital and the rest of the nine received injuries on their heads, hands and legs and they were admitted in a local hospital.

    Thereafter, the next day, the village leaders announced that everyone in the village should embrace Hinduism or their lands will be seized. They further prohibited any outsiders from entering into the village. “The Christians are living in fear”, Rev Khora said.

    The Christians in the village have been denied rations for the past two months and it has been very difficult for them to live without the rations being allowed to be distributed to them, reported our correspondent.

    Kindly pray for the suffering Christians and God provision for their daily bread.

    Church Locked Up, Christians attacked in Bihar

    Hindu extremists locked up a church on June 5 after they beat up a Christian family in Balwanazir, Kaliyanganj, Bihar.

    According to our correspondent, Pastor A. Abraham, the extremists repeatedly beat up Sadanandan Singh and his family for their faith in Christ on May and June and finally locked up the church of the Indian Evangelical Team.

    Singh and his family were dragged on the road and the entire family including two minor girls were beaten up mercilessly.
    “The extremists have locked up the church and told Singh that he is not allowed to pray in the future in the village.” area pastor Laxmi Prasad told EFI News.

    Singh and his family were socially boycotted ever since they decided to follow Christ in 2010. Police complaint was submitted. However no action has been taken at press time.

    Pastor Charged Under IPC , Church Construction Stopped in Madhya Pradesh

    Police manhandled Pastor Bhikanlal Dhurvey, filed a case against him and summoned him to appear before the court on 30 June in Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal

    According to our correspondent, Rev S B Francis, the local Hindu extremists have opposed the ministry of Pastor Bhikanlal Dhurvey and threatened to harm him several times in the past for conducting prayer meetings.

    However, the pastor continued to conduct worship services and later started to build a prayer hall in his land. Subsequently, the extremists filed a police complaint against the pastor of illegal construction.

    On 19 April, the police questioned Pastor Dhurvey at his home, slapped him and told him to stop the construction work and charged him Under Sections 107 and 116 of the Indian Penal Code for abetment of a thing and abetment of offence respectively.

    “We have stopped the construction and we are having our prayer meetings in the homes of believers.” Pastor Dhurvey told EFI News.

    Kindly pray for justice, for peace and strength for the pastor and his family.

    Issued By:

    Rev. Dr. Richard Howell,
    General Secretary
    Evangelical Fellowship of India
    New Delhi, India

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