• Lt Governor of Delhi praises christian contribution to society

    The Christian community in the capital this week came in for high praise for its far-ranging contribution to the development of all sections of the society.

    Delhi Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna on Wednesday remarked that the commitment, honesty and dedication of Christians made them “true professionals” in every field they operated.

    Khanna was speaking at the Platinum Jubilee function of the Orthodox Christian Youth Movement at St Paul’s School.

    While offering unqualified praise for the Orthodox Church’s contribution, Khanna said the Church had rare accomplishments in the field of education and medical service through its numerous schools in and around Delhi.

    “The Christian community contributes to the all-round development of humanity by establishing educational institutions from the primary level to the highest professional standards,” he said.

    He also complimented the Church’s medical mission hospital at Aaya Nagar and a community service project at Mandavar village in Haryana.

    Encouraging to maintain the spirit of Christendom, Khanna said, “Spirituality and day to day discipline of Christian community is something that all must imbibe.”

    There were nearly 2500 delegates participating in the four-day conference.

    The spiritual head of the Orthodox Church Baselios Mar Thoma Paulose II also addressed the delegates.

    Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Mullapally Ramachnadran delivered the plenary address on the occasion.

    “Christians have made their mark in every field and area of service, be it as educationists, industrialists, medical professionals, politicians, social workers and creative thinkers,” he was quoted by the Orthodox Herald, as saying.

    The contribution of Christian community is a benchmark for the development of people all over the world, he said.

    Metropolitan Yuhanon Mar Polycarpos, the President of Orthodox Christian Youth Movement (OCYM), Assistant Bishop of Delhi Diocese, Dr. Yuhanon Mar Demetrios and Diocesan Secretary Fr. MS Skariah Ramban, were among others present during the function.

    Source: Praise The Almighty 
    Date: 17 Oct, 2011

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