• Persecution Watch, June 03, 2011

    Christians Attacked in Jharkhand

    EFI is deeply disturbed to learn that Christians are being attacked and threatened in two districts of Jharkhand and appeals to the state authorities to take appropriate action to safeguard the rights of the minority communities immediately.

    On 28 May in Laherbanjari, Palamu district, alleged Hindu extremists beat up five convert Christian families for their faith in Christ. A week earlier they had threatened Pastor Sanjay Chaudhary against conducing worship meetings or face dire consequences. The Christians filed a complaint and the police visited the area on 28 May .

    However, soon after the police left, the enraged extremists came and started beating the five Christian families including the women and children. One woman, Mala Devi suffered internal injuries and she is now being treated in Sadar Hospital. Kalavati Devi, a mother of five children, was abducted on the day of the attack and she is still missing till now. The Christians fled to another area for safety measures.

    Yet the attacks against Christians have spread to Korwardih village, Garwah district, 70 kms from Palamu district on 30 May, where the extremists threatened three convert Christian families not to follow Christ or face severe beatings. The Christians fled from the area and are now in hiding.

    The extremists continued to harass the Christians at press time and threatened that they will forcefully take all Christians from these two areas to the river Ganges in Banaras city to reconvert them to Hinduism.

    EFI has submitted an appeal letter to the Governor of Jharkhand, the Chairman of Jharkhand Minority Commission, Vice Chairman of the National Minority Commission to interpose and had also contacted the Superintendent of Police and other local police officers to intervene and address the matter immediately.

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