• Persecution Watch May 18, 2011

    Pastor Threatened in Uttar Pradesh

    On 8 May in Baskeria, Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh, Hindu extremists from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh threatened to beat a pastor if he conducts future worship meetings in the area.

    According to information reaching EFI, Hindu extremists’ mob stopped Pastor B. Vijaya Kumar, his wife and daughter as they were going back home after conducting a prayer meeting in one believer’s home. The extremists rushed on them and started questioning the pastor about his visit and activities. Pastor Kumar told them that he is doing social work and at the same time sharing the gospel to the believers.

    “As they questioned me, the extremists were saying among themselves that they will beat me when they find me alone” Pastor Kumar told EFI.

    After the extremists detained the Christians for three hours, the police arrived at the spot and questioned Pastor Kumar. Thereafter, the police told the pastor to leave the area immediately and that if anything happen to him and his family, they will not be responsible.

    Local dailies have published the incident saying that Pastor Kumar has forcefully converted people to Christianity by offering monetary benefits.

    Kindly pray for justice and peace in the area.

    Christian Arrested on False Charges in Madhya Pradesh

    Police arrested a Christian on 4 May after Hindu extremists lodged a complaint against him of forceful conversion in Khirpani, Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh.

    Our correspondent, Rev. Akhilesh Edgar reported that the extremists stopped Shivraj Maravi from Kalyan Nandas Church from constructing his own house as they opposed his faith in Christ. The local Christians sometimes conduct Sunday worship meeting in his house.

    Earlier on 14 April, the local extremists stopped Maravi as he started renovating his small hut. The Christian submitted a police complaint but no FIR was registered. On 4 May, as Maravi once again started the work, the extremists forcefully stopped him and filed a complaint against him.

    Based on the extremists’ complaint, the police arrested the Christian under Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Region Act and sent him to prison. Maravi was later released on bail on 6 May.

    Maravi submitted a letter of complaint to the District Collector but no inquiry has been conducted at press time. In the meantime, Maravi has also stopped the construction work due to fear of the extremists attack.

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