• Minor Dalit girl exploited; police fail to act

    A minor Dalit girl has been sexually exploited and left in the lurch in Karimnagar district of Andhra Pradesh. According to the victim, the police, instead of helping her get justice, are harassing her in connivance with the accused.

    Pittla Aurna, the minor Dalit girl of Ananthnagar in Siricilla town of Karimnagar district fell in love with one Srinivas, a lab technician working in the same area. Aruna, who used to go to school along the way where Srinivas worked, met Srinivas often and fell in love with him. In course of time, Srinivas forced her to have sex with him, which was secretly recorded in a video. Later when Srinivas came to know that Aruna belongs to the Dalit community, he decided to leave her. Srinivas slowly began to blackmail her to have sex with his friends who are already married. After a few weeks Srinivas got married to another girl. On hearing the news, Aruna went and lodged a complaint against Srinivas at Siricilla Police Station on 15 June 2009.

    Instead of helping the girl, the police are allegedly harassing the victim in connivance with the accused. Instead of providing security and justice to the oppressed Dalit girl, the police are blaming the victim and her family for the entire incident.

    Source: AICC
    Date: Saturday, 27 June 2009

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