• And Archie marries Veronica

    by Vikas Singh

    Ok, this one is completely trivial. If any readers are looking for insightful analysis on some weighty issue, they can safely skip it. And no, I’m not writing it because I have to meet some quota. I\’m writing it as someone who\’s been a lifelong Archie comics fan and practically thinks of the Riverdale gang as family. I guess there are many more people out there who feel the same way, and this one is for them.

    As you might have heard by now, the age-old love triangle has finally been broken, with Archie Andrews picking the rich, beautiful and spoiled Veronica Lodge over charming, doting girl-next-door Betty Cooper. The comic in which the wedding occurs will be released in August, and will show the characters graduating and starting jobs.

    “Oh, poor Betty,” said my wife when I told her about this development. “That creep has broken her heart yet again. I don’t think I want to read another Archie comic ever again.”

    I suspect that, like her, most people’s sympathies will be with Betty. After all, Betty’s much easier to relate to than Veronica. Also, she’s good-natured, kind, an eternal optimist and always there for Archie whenever he needs her. All romantics would root for her.

    As a matter of fact, I’ve always suspected that the characters of Aamir Khan’s hit ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’ were loosely modelled on Archie and his friends, with Aamir playing a desi version of Archie, Ayesha Takia Betty, Pooja Bedi Veronica and Deepak Tijori Reggie. As you might recall, Aamir’s character finally wound up with Ayesha’s. (Yes, I know Archie doesn’t have an elder brother and the gang doesn’t study in different colleges. I did say “loosely modelled).

    I think, in a way, Archie’s choice is a comment on the materialistic, external beauty-obsessed world we live in. In this milieu, poor Betty really didn’t have a chance.

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