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Persecution Watch, March 27, 2015
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Persecution Inicidents reported on March 27 2015...

Man lost Job for Being a Christian in Haryana

A Christian lost his job after alleged Hindu extremists submitted a complaint against him of forceful conversion in Farmana, Rohtak. 

The incident took place on the morning of March 9 when the Hindu extremists' mob surrounded the Primary Health Center and accused a Christian, Mukesh, of forceful conversion, asked him to leave the area and later submitted a complaint against him to the Medical Officer. 

The mob further threatened to harm Mukesh if he shares his faith with others or if he continues to go to the church and asked him to choose between his 'job' or 'Jesus'. 

Subsequently, on the next day, the Medical Officer told Mukesh that he had been terminated from his job. 

Mukesh had been working as a cleaner on contractual basis in the local Primary Health Centre for over seven years. 

"I accepted Jesus seven years ago and I will not leave him for anything." He told EFI News. "People who were sick and troubled approached me for prayers and I prayed for them and I will continue to do it." He added. 

Kindly pray Mukesh that he will remain firm in faith amid persecution and that God will provide a suitable job for him.