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Persecution Watch, February 20, 2015
Christians Attacked in Odhisa
Christian School Attack, Teacher Accused of Molesting a Student in Jharkhand
Church Vandalized in New Delhi
Christian School Looted in New Delhi

5 Incidents of Violence Reported from 3 states including Jharkhand, Odisha and the capital, New Delhi where a Church was vandalised....

Christian Women Attacked, clothes stripped off in Jharkhand

On 8 Feb in Navardi, Chatra, Hindu extremists attacked a prayer meeting, dragged four women out to the road, beat them and stripped one lady partially naked.

According to our correspondent in Jharkhand, about 11 extremists barged into the house of a Christian woman, Yasoda Dangi, while four ladies were praying at 4 p.m. and verbally abuse them for following Christ.

Thereafter, the extremists dragged them out to the road, beat them up, took off the saree of Dangi and tore up her blouse as they accused her of being responsible for the ongoing prayer meetings in the village.

"The attack lasted for more than an hour with the extremists shouting all sorts of vulgar words to the four ladies and threatened to impose a fine on them if they do not stop worshiping Christ." Area church leaders Pastor Nayak told EFI News.

The Christians sustained bruises and abrasion on their faces and they received treatment in the local hospital.

With the intervention of the EFI RLC, the police registered an FIR against the culprits and promised that further protection will be given to the Christians.