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Prayer A desire to commune with God PDF Print E-mail

As we learn to commune with God in solitude, at the family altar and along with the family members, the spirit of God will take you to rich mountain top experiences in prayer life.


The Princess and the Light PDF Print E-mail

Many of us have accepted Jesus in our hearts, and we can show that we following Jesus by the change that is seen in our lives. But first we need to realize and repent for our wrong doings. Once we have done that , our actions and words must go together.

How I Became Sure That My Sins Are Forgiven PDF Print E-mail

The Lord keptĀ  me in His fear during all my ears in the Air Force and enabled me to live a strict disciplined Christian life.

Our Identity In Christ (I Peter 1:1-9) PDF Print E-mail

It took God the father to reach us in His faterly love to bring us back to life.

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