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Sabina Jadhav

In the days when dragons flew the skies and monsters ruled the sea, there was a kingdom called Gregeon and it was ruled by King Theodore and Queen Isabella. The people of Gregeon loved their King and Queen because they were just and kind in their ways and always made the people happy. Now the King and Queen only had one daughter, Princess Leah was her name.  Since they had no sons, Princess Leah was to become the next ruler of Gregeon.

Princess Leah, being the only child of the King and Queen, was a spoilt brat. She knew how to throw a tantrum. She would ask for fruits that were not in season, or demand a toy that someone else had. She would hold her breath till she turned blue, or kicked and screamed till she brought the whole palace down. The king could not bear the tantrums she threw and would give into them. The palace servants had the toughest time pleasing her and trying to prevent any outbursts. They were tired of her and soon the word spread throughout the kingdom that the Princess was a selfish and greedy child.

The people of Gregeon feared of what would happen of them when she would become the ruler of the kingdom. Even when she grew up she wanted the best clothes, the best parties and she always seemed to want what others had. She had never learnt to share or give her things to others. She never liked to be around the poor people that came to her for help. She could never understand why her father was always helping the poor farmers and helping the widows and the orphans.

One bright summer day, Princess Leah and her friends went on a hunting trip. She was having a wonderful time chasing deer and foxes and other wild animals. In the thrill of the chase she soon found herself all alone in the thick jungle. She had no clue as to which direction she must go. She kept going deeper and deeper into the forest and higher and higher up the mountain. It was getting late and she was beginning to get worried, when she saw a shepherd grazing his flock. She was happy to see him and called out to him for help. The shepherd was a gracious man and he explained to her how it was too late to start the journey back to the palace. He invited her to stay in his hut on top of the mountain overlooking the valley.

Princess Leah was distraught, but she had no other choice, she quietly followed him home. When she entered his small home, she was surprised to see that the shepherd lived with his wife and four children in one small room. The shepherd’s wife had made some stew for the whole family and made sure that the Princess was served the best portion in their best bowl. As they sat down to eat, a beggar came begging for some food. The shepherd was a kind man and gave him his own share of stew. The princess could not understand this she argued with him. She told him, “You could have just sent the man on his way. Now you don’t have anything to eat.” To this the shepherd replied, “This man must have not eaten for days, I will be hungry only for one night, I can handle it.”

That night the princess could not sleep on the hard bed, she tossed and turned for a long time. Suddenly she saw a bright light. She was startled. She got up and went out the door to take a look at the light. Once again she saw the bright light coming out of nowhere. By now the shepherd and his wife had awoken and were standing next to her. She asked the shepherd what was that light. “Oh! Princesses do you not about the light? Your father has seen it too, hasn’t he told you about it?” Princess Leah said, “No, he hasn’t, or he might have, but I rarely listen to him.”

The Shepherd told her, “Princess the light was from the fire that the dragon breathed out. This dragon is ferocious and wicked. When people of a country fought amongst themselves, hurt each other or were unhappy with their king, the dragon would cunningly befriend a person fed up of living in the kingdom. The dragon would promise the person gold, silver and all kinds of luxury. The disgruntled countryman would be then asked to reveal the weaknesses of the army. Since the people were usually busy fighting with each other they would be least bothered about protecting their kingdom. At such times the dragon would strike and ruin the entire kingdom. All he needed was people who were selfish and self centered or a king who didn’t care about his people.  The dragon would then take over that kingdom and make the people his slaves. He is always on the hunt for new kingdoms to conquer.”

The Princess could not believe her ears. She could not sleep the entire night. She began to understand why her father was so kind and helpful and it also explained why the shepherd was so courteous to the beggar and even to her. Next morning as she left the shepherd’s home she could see smoke coming out of the ruins of their neighbouring kingdom. In her heart she resolved to change as a person and do her best to keep the kingdom united and safe.

Her parents were glad to have her home. The king saw a great change in his daughter, she was kind to everyone, and she began putting others first and shared what she had with everyone she met.  The king was amazed, he asked her, “Leah, what’s gotten into you these days, have you seen the great light?” “Yes, father I have seen the light and I have realized that I have to change so that the fire wont consume Gregeon.”

Her father was extremely proud of her and immediately knew that Gregeon was going to be in good hands.

Many of us have accepted Jesus in our hearts, and we can show that we following Jesus by the change that is seen in our lives. But first we need to realize and repent for our wrong doings. Once we have done that , our actions and words must go together. The book of James tells us how our faith in Jesus must be accompanied by actions that bring happiness to God. It tell us how to face difficult times, how to control our tongue, how to be generous and impartial.  We must live like children who have seen the light, just like Princess Leah. Everyone knew that she had seen the light once she changed into a kind and generous person.

(Mrs. Sabina Jadhav lives in Mumbai with her husband Mr. Abraham Jadhav. They are involved in Sunday school in their church and outreach ministry to underprivileged kids in the neighbouhood.)