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The Waiting Is the Hardest Part PDF Print E-mail

Our perspective on waiting is perhaps one of the stronger ways our society is out of stride with the biblical worldview. Not that waiting was easy for our forefathers, but they were more at peace with it, and more ready to see its goodness and potential...

A Secret Life of Prayer Will Prevent a Secret Life of Sin PDF Print E-mail

Prayer makes the heart ready to see sin by making it hate it. This is because prayer syncs up the believer’s mind with the will of God. 

Enlarge Your Tent PDF Print E-mail
Christ’s kingdom, organised for the glory of God, embraces everything that is human, including all technological, economic, and political dimensions of life.

Honour ! by Sanjiv Ailawadi PDF Print E-mail

Only a person who honour's God can truly honour others. He sees in all men and women, people who are valued by God.

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